Its Not All White!

History of the white wedding dress.
So, let’s get things straight, it’s got nothing to do with purity …. its fashion darling!!!!
In the 18th century wedding dresses were traditionally not white; brides would wear the best dress they owned which would represent themselves well.  Brightly coloured and bold dresses were popular for those who could afford them as this signified wealth. Extravagant fabrics like fur, silk and velvet would also have been admired.
Those who weren’t affluent wore their best church dress, normally this would be dark in colour as it was the easiest to keep. Prior to the 19th century white was just impractical and not financially viable.
Changes in bridalwear began in 19th century. Established by Royalty, like many bridal fashion trends, it was the eldest daughter of Henry IV who was the first to wear white when she wore a white tunic and cloak. However, it was Queen Victoria that really set the trend wearing a plain white court dress made of lace when she married Prince Albert in 1840. Their wedding being the first heavily photographed Royal wedding.
Soon after World War II ended people began copying the look of the wealthy by purchasing a new wedding dress just that would just be worn for the day of celebrations. Hollywood was also starting to feature white wedding dresses in their movies and since then white wedding dresses have evolved into a global phenomenon.
 A true white wedding dress is an excellent colour for dark-skinned women or women who are light skinned with yellow undertones. If you are fairer the ideal shade are those that carry ivory or yellow undertones. There are many shades of white to choose from and if you’re not one for a crisp, bright white champagne, alabaster and ivory can sometimes be a softer more wearable colour. Wearing true white can sometimes make certain skin tones look washed out. Ivory has a slight tint of yellow or cream so tends to work with most skin tones. Ivory shaded gowns can also make the intricate details of your standout more.
An increase in blush tones and floral dresses have begun to feature highly with 2020 set to see more Pink wedding dresses than ever before. The colour pink symbolizes a long and happy love so is idyllic for a wedding dress. With more brides opting for less traditional and more personalized wedding days a coloured dress is just perfect for adding extra character to your amazing day.
You want to feel incredible on your wedding day so choosing a wedding dress that complements your natural skin tone will ensure you’re feeling and looking hot!!
Like all fashion trends wedding dress styles tend to repeat themselves throughout time. Many wedding dresses are available in a variety of colours so if the stock dress you are perusing is not in the colour you wanted its always worth asking if others are available.
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