To veil or not to veil?

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Let’s be honest you’ve probably never worn one before and quite frankly when are you going to get the chance to wear one again! Does the idea of a veil feel daunting? Perhaps you’ve not really considered it before, or you think it’s just too traditional. You’ve got to at least try some on though, right!? We are very much veil advocates over here but it’s your wedding day and you need to feel comfortable.


Traditionally a bride may have worn a veil on her wedding day as a symbol of virginity and modesty. Religious brides would be unveiled by her father as he gave her away to her new husband, or the groom himself would remove the veil after the vows had been spoken to prove that he was marrying her inner beauty. Other superstitions were that the veil protected the bride from evil spirits…….….! Nowadays modern brides tend to wear a veil because it’s the ultimate bridal accessory and gives them the undeniable status of a bride, making them feel so much more than just a gorgeous gal in a stunning dress!! 


Choosing a veil will essentially depend on your dress; you want your veil to compliment you and your wedding dress without taking over. Delve into the design of your gown for inspiration and pick out the jewels or the fabric and use this as your guide. You may also want to consider your venue, as much as a chapel train offers the glamour and extravagance you might want, it may not have the desired affect if you are having an outdoors wedding and start to collect half the garden and small woodland creatures in your fabulously long train!


You’ll find that veils come in a broad array of lengths for you to explore. From short Birdcage/fascinator styles that sits just above shoulder length, to a full-length cathedral style that covers the end of your train creating a regal statement and frames your gown. Whether you are looking to add a little extra je ne sais quoi to your dress or you just want layer for aesthetics or comfort choosing one should be just as much fun as choosing your dress. Quite often you’ll find that by adding a veil it will complete your bridal look just perfectly. Adding extra detailing in your veil like sparkle, Pearl, diamante, beading, appliques, satin edge or drop jewels is a fun way to inject some of your personality into your bridal attire too.


It’s always a good idea to take your veil along to your hair trials too as it will make all the difference to have the veil positioned correctly around your chosen hairstyle. Your hairdresser will be able to position the veil so that it is secure yet easily removed if you were not wanting to have it in for the entirety of the day. Many brides will only wear their veil for the ceremony and photos, then remove it for when the party gets started a bit later in the day. You can always add a small headpiece or a pretty hair comb once you have removed it.


Talking of photos just imagine all the stunning images that your photographer can create with your gorgeous flowing veil, just dreamy!



Photograph by Emma Stokes Photography.

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